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The Sharbat Brothers Company has been operating close to forty years throughout Israel. The Company's reputation is backed by solid facts of financial strength over several decades.

To this day, the company has developed and built thousands of housing units, a luxury hotel, office buildings, modern malls and large commercial and industrial areas.

The Sharbat Brothers Company has abundant asserts. Amongst the more significant assets are: The Sharbat Tower, an outstanding commercial tower at one of the most prestigious locations, close to the seashore of Tel-Aviv. Additionally we own the "Magic Palace Hotel", a most luxurious new 5 stars Hotel with 332 rooms, at the Lagoon Beach of Eilat.

The Vision

The Sharbat Brothers founded the Sharbatb Brothers company in the year 1969. The Vision of eatablishing a construction and development company, based on the highest level of quality and reliabillity has been realized and now over thirty years later, the company has achieved its position as one of the leading construction and development companies in Israel.

During the initial stage, Sharbat Brothers company focused on development and construction of residential building, public building, industrial and commercial structures. In parallel the development Sharbat brothers acted as contractors building army bases, shelters
and public building, particularly in Israel's northern region.

The company, that upon it's establishment employed no more the ten workers, grew and flourished over the years as a result of it's quality and reliabillity,
he significant growth in construction volumes and development has led to the employment of thousands of salaried workers, including sub-contractors in numerous sites throughout the country.


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